My Media Use- Friday

Friday, 24 March 2017

Today I slept in a little bit, and so did not have time to check the usual social media platforms upon waking up. The first time I used online media was by listening to Spotify with my speakers whilst I got ready for uni. I then used Spotify again when I made my way into the city to go to my first lecture. Both times I was listening to an album by The Weeknd. 

After coming to realise that I had got to uni an hour early (my lecture that day was due to start an hour later than what was on the timetable, and I forgot), I tried to do some of my readings on RMIT BlackBoard. After 10 minutes of this I realised I was too sleepy to read, and so I checked Facebook on my laptop.

Somehow a video for the Cerebral Palsy Foundation had popped up on my news feed, and so I decided to watch it. It was called ‘Zach Anner: “Top 10 Things I Wish People Knew About Cerebral Palsy”‘, and it featured a man with Cerebral Palsy making a very funny list of things he wanted people to know about the condition. Embedded below is the video.

After this I went on YouTube and found his YouTube account. I found myself laughing a lot at his videos and stand-up comedy routines, so I watched these for about 20 minutes.

After that I went into my lecture. My friend and I were due to make a presentation in the next class, and so during the break we both used Google to find lots of different information we could use. Again, I used YouTube to find further information on the topic we were presenting on.

After uni I made my way home listening to Spotify. I was listening to the playlist that I created earlier for my birthday. I then had to go straight to work until 8pm, so did not use any more online media until after that until I went to bed, where I firstly updated my Tumblr profile and reposted some content, and then stayed on my phone for about half an hour using Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram. I did not have any notifications, however I participated in the group chat on Facebook Messenger with my friends from school.


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  1. s3600338 · March 28, 2017

    I like the change-up in this one


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