My Media Use- Tuesday

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Today I woke up at 9.00AM. As I do every morning, the first thing I did was reach for my phone. I then checked Facebook and my Facebook messages, and did not have any notifications or new messages. Afterwards, I checked Instagram and flicked through the newsfeed.

I used Spotify to once again listen to the new album by Drake whilst I did my hair and make up, and then listened to a self-curated playlist that I made for my birthday party earlier in the year as I walked to work.

At work I had a 10-minute break where I watched a funny video I was tagged in by a friend on Facebook. I then checked Instagram and finally Instagram Story.

As I was leaving work, I checked Facebook once again and watched two more funny videos I had been tagged in by friends.

For dinner I went out for pizza with a few work friends. I documented this by publishing videos of our food and our surroundings on my Instagram Story. As noted in my previous post, I have noticed in recent months that I have moved from posting to Snapchat and instead begun to use Instagram Story.

To get home from the pizza restaurant, I ordered an uber for myself and my friends. This was a quick trip, and I gave the driver 5 stars as he was really nice.

I got home and began to work on my assessments for uni, which I had to use Google for. Specifically, I found myself googling a lot of synonyms to use in my assessments.

After doing uni work for two or so hours, my boyfriend came over and we showed my mother what AliExpress is. We laughed a lot at some of the strange products you can buy off there.

Following this, I went to bed and logged into my Tumblr account, which I hadn’t been on in about two weeks. I quickly looked through my newsfeed for a few minutes, and reposted some photos from other accounts.

After that, I did one last check of Facebook, Instagram and Instagram Story, and Snapchat, and went to sleep.


One comment

  1. s3600338 · March 28

    This sounds like a very busy day!


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